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Fables, Myths, History Twirl into Storytelling Art

The Wichita Eagle (Wichita, KS) , November 19, 2004


A slice of Americana, rich in folklore, tradition and values, will unfold Once upon a time, in 1997, a group of storytellers organized in Wichita and were called the Griots: Keepers of the Stories.

The name (pronounced gree-yos) arises from West Africa, where professional storytellers can spin more than good tales. They are keepers of history, philosophy, tradition and mythology.

For the past seven years, the Griots have captivated audiences with plot lines that command attention from all ages. Their stories spring forth from cultures across the globe and contain universal moral truths.

Saturday evening, Wichita's seven Griots will weave more tales as they take part in a national storytelling celebration called Tellabration 2004.

"We are an African-American storytelling group, and we tell a lot of stories in the African-American tradition," said Rob "Jack of Joy" Simon, one of the Griots. "But the stories are timeless and borderless. They have broad applicability to people of all persuasions."

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