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Workshop Targets Non-profits

Whistler Question (Whistler, British Columbia, Canada) , March 17, 2005


Barb Oates, B.C. regional coordinator for the Community Foundations of Canada, will host a workshop entitled “The Storied Organization: Harnessing the Power of Narrative to Communicate Results” on March 29.

“They will gain a better understanding of how they can use stories to promote their organization better,” Oates said. “Every organization has amazing stories and unless they are intentional about collecting and using them, those stories often don’t get shared.”

After working as the program director for the Vancouver Foundation, reviewing grant applications for more than 12 years, Oates was amazed at the incredible stories so many organizations had and wondered why so few of those stories were pitched to the media.

“It was such a contrast to what we see daily in the media,” she said. “Non-profits do such extraordinary work and yet all these stories are out there and no one knows about them.”

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