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Holmes Pupils Find Home in ĎName and Placeí

Wednesday Journal (Oak Park, IL) , May 10, 2005


The issues of "name" and "place" help young students and their parents better understand traditions, histories and cultures that make up their backgrounds and their communities. It helps them appreciate difference and similarities in people.

It also helps them understand and appreciate maternal and paternal heritages; at least thatís the report from 21 awesome pupils in Mrs. Peggy Callahanís Second Grade class at Oliver Wendell Holmes School who participated every Wednesday morning in March in a human rights storytelling seminar sponsored by Art Start and conducted by this writer-educator-filmmaker. Art Start is fully funded by the Oak Park Education Foundation. The foundationís mission is to raise non-tax revenues to provide enrichment programs to the greatest number of District 97 students.

Subjects Covered: diversity training, education

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