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Schoolhouse Brings Sierra Storytelling Festival Back

The Union (Western Nevada County, CA), July 15, 2004


Revived by popular demand, the Sierra Storytelling Festival will once again celebrate the oral tradition in the beautiful woodland setting of the North Columbia Schoolhouse on the San Juan Ridge, just outside of Nevada City. The dates for the festival weekend are July 2325. This event is sponsored by the North Columbia Schoolhouse Cultural Center, a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing diverse cultural expressions to the community.

The storytellers will be Charlie Chin (San Mateo, CA), Willy Claflin (Petaluma, CA), Diane Ferlatte (Oakland, CA), Dan Keding (Urbana, IL), Rafe Martin (Rochester, NY), Barbara McBride Smith (Tulsa, OK), and Liz Warren (Phoenix, AZ).

Festival events include all seven storytellers on stage the nights of July 23 and 24. Several events are hosted during the day on July 24, including hour-long performances by individual tellers, a panel discussion about the similarities and differences in writing and telling stories, and the Open Telling event for audience members to present their own three- to five-minute stories. July 25th events are the morning children's concert with Claflin and his puppet Maynard Moose and the grand finale.

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