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Retired Professor Tells Tall Tales in Storytelling Class

The Times Daily (Florence, AL), , September 22, 2004


Welcome to storytelling 101, where for the past 12 years Opal Lovett has spent Wednesday afternoons sharing her passion for tall tales with the next generation of word weavers.

For about an hour a week, a handful of children sit at small, round tables as Lovett talks the talk. But more than a listening exercise, this class offers its students a chance to let their imaginations run wild.

"Children are simply fascinating," Lovett explains. "I think the nearest to heaven I can come is to be in a class with a bunch of children, telling their stories and having them listen to mine, watching as their eyes go wide and their faces light up. It's amazing to watch them take an idea all the way. It's like hitting the jackpot."

"When you're writing a story," Lovett says, "it's all in the language. Words are the power. But when you're telling a story, there's so much more to convey. You've got to use your voice and your emotions and your body language to draw people in, to make them feel what you're saying. That way, you're giving people what they can't get from the written word."

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