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Wherever You Go, People Want to Bend Your Ear

The Times (London, England), June 28, 2004


While there have been many festivals so for in the United Kingdom, "the best is yet to come, with festivals and performances that bring something out of the ordinary across the country." The following festivals are described:

  • 11th Annual Beyond the Border International Storytelling Festival, July 2-4, 2004, which "promises to be another corker." It's a unique, magnificent and truly International celebration of Epic Singing, Storytelling and Music which is visited by over 2,000 people each year.

  • 13th annual Festival at the Edge, July 16-18, 2004. There is always a choice of something on offer - the best international storytellers in performance, music, comedy, poetry and related arts. If you want to participate, there are workshops, story rounds and sessions. At night the bonfire sessions continue until late (or dawn!).

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