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I'll Tell You a Story!

Texas Highways, March,2004


Each March since 1985, people from around Texas and beyond have gathered in Denton to attend the Texas Storytelling Festival. Now drawing about 8,000 listeners and participants annually, this four day festival includes storytelling performances, story swaps and workshops. Taking place under big-top tents, the 2004 festival features more than 50 storytellers.

Karen Morgan, executive director of the Tejas Storytelling Association, spearheads this huge annual event. She states:

"Both the city and its citizens get behind the festival with monetary support and wonderful volunteer efforts, turning this events into fun for the whole family and one that enriches everyone culturally and historically.

We've had storytellers as young as five and other well into their eighties sharing stories that make you laugh until your sides hurt, and other stories that make you think about sacrifices given for our country. You'll never forget some of these tales, and we hope they'll inspire you to tell some of your own."

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