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Voices Tour Collects Stories From Macon's Civil Rights Era

The Telegraph (Macon, GA) , September 22, 2004


A woman recalled watching her grandmother board a bus as the driver snarled, "Get to the back, woman," then jerked the bus into motion, sending the elderly lady sprawling to the floor.

" 'That's all right,' " former local NAACP President Thelma Dillard remembered her grandmother reassuring her. " 'I'm used to it.' "

It was the South only about four decades ago, but it was a different world.

Tuesday, the stories linked by pre-civil rights-era racial discrimination came into sharp focus as the Voices of Civil Rights bus tour rolled through Macon.

The project includes a historic bus tour during which thousands of untold stories and memories of the civil rights movement will be collected. The 70-day nationwide tour began at the National Mall on Aug. 3 in Washington, D.C. and will pass through 35 cities, stopping at local commemorative events before rolling into the annual AARP Member Event in Las Vegas on Oct. 14.

Since spring of this year, nearly 2,000 stories have been submitted to be housed permanently at the Library of Congress.

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