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Just Sit Right Back and You'll Hear a Tale; St. Louis Storytelling Festival Turns a New Page

St Louis Post-Dispatch, April 29, 2004


Next week, 24,000 or so will again sit under the Arch - and in museums and parks and libraries all over the metropolitan area - and listen to stories. They will turn off their cell phones and clasp their hands around their knees, and remember what it means to be human.

All because, in 1979, a college administrator had an idea.

"There are people who become very good by learning techniques, but usually you can see through that, it's pretty thin," says Belden Lane, a theology professor at St. Louis University who participated in the festival for several years. "The best are the ones who have stalked the high country of joy and suffering in their own lives, and they lift their stories in front of you."

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