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Chinatown Group Gets $65K for Radio Station, Chinatown Trail, More

SAMPAN (Boston, MA) , March 4, 2005


The Asian Community Development Corporation, which received the grant early last month, is leading a project by Chinatown Heritage Partners that will work towards creating the Chinatown radio station, center for community storytelling, historic walking trail, and an initiative to support traditional artists in Chinatown.

Except for the Chinatown heritage trail, most of the proposed projects are in their early stages. Aimed at increasing tourism revenue and informing people about the neighborhood's history, the trail will stretch throughout Chinatown and stop at eight locations, including the China Trade building, the Old Quincy School at 90 Tyler St., the Chinatown Gate, and the soon-to-be built Chinatown Park.

The storytelling center would likely be a cafe where visitors and community members share stories either in person or through recordings.

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