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Step Right Up: Something for Everybody

Richmond Times-Dispatch (Richmond, VA) , September 23, 2004


This year’s State Fair of Virginia marks its 150th year. Since 1854, the state’s ever-changing cultures gather each year in one place in an exhibition of Virginia’s populace. This year promises much of the same.

Here’s what: Entertainment varies from Rosaire’s Royal Racing Pigs to rock-music legends Heart to storytelling.

Education-minded attendees might want to check out the African-American cultural presentation in Heritage Village. Storyteller Dylan Pritchett is among the participants. He said he tries to strike a balance between entertainment and education in his storytelling.

“I like the idea that [storytelling] is a teaching tool,” Pritchett said. “Kids may not realize the value of sitting down with grandma and grandpa and hear them tell stories. It helps them understand who they are.”

He often tells stories that illustrate the commonality of people, mindful that history shapes us as time passes, Pritchett said.

“I take what is said very seriously,” he said. “Once it’s out there you can’t change it.”

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