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Her Final Story

The Reader (Omaha, Nebraska), June 25, 2004


Professional storyteller Nancy Duncan tells of her four-year “dance with cancer” which has propelled the former theater maven into a journey of self-discovery that’s informed every aspect of her life and work. Her unfolding death is the subject of her final, most profound story.

She’s considered her cancer from every conceivable angle. She’s talked frankly about it in stories. In the published “Losing and Getting” her cancer-ridden breast converses with her healthy left breast in a stream of bitterness, guilt and humor. She’s talked about losing her hair but gaining a new appreciation for life. She’s performed her cancer story for many audiences but especially for women who are cancer survivors, patients and potential victims. She knows firsthand their fear.

Her impending death is being recorded by Omaha videographer George Ferguson. The documentary she asked him to make is meant to help other dying individuals in their search for healing. It’s only natural that Duncan, who has used stories as a way to interpret life, should use storytelling as a means of understanding her own end.

Note: On Labor Day, September 5, 2004, Nancy Duncan died. Her children reported that she died peacefully, after putting up one hell of a fight.

Subjects Covered: healing, personal storytelling

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