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Life Stories Workshops Return to Ki Theatre

Rappahannock News (Washington, VA) , February 2, 2005


Now in its eight year, the highly popular Life Stories Workshops, led by Julie Portman, award-winning actress and nationally recognized storyteller and author, returns to Ki Theatre.

Portman's workshops are part of a national story writing and story-sharing program sponsored by Ki Theatre that teaches participants how to shape personal experiences into memorable stories. Over 200 people in Rappahannock County and the surrounding area -- and more than 500 nationally -- have taken this course. In addition, over 10,000 nationally have either taken the courses or watched Life Stories live performances by Portman.

The inspiration for these workshops is clearly evident as Portman explained, "I have always felt that our life stories are one of the most powerful reminders of the gift of life that we share. Every single person, regardless of their age or background or belief system, has a unique story to tell and the need for their story to be heard. That's why I teach Life Stories Workshops."

Subjects Covered: personal storytelling

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