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Entertainers Come From Distant Lands for Event

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review , August 10, 2004


This weekend's fourth-annual Three Rivers Storytelling Festival brings together enthusiasts from across the region and storytellers from around the world to share their love of this traditional art form.

Mary Morgan Smith, manager of children and young adult services at Northland Public Library and executive director of the festival, says:

"There are all different types of storytellers, from the real folk tellers who learn storytelling at their pappy's knee to people who tell stories in libraries. One thing storytellers all have in common is that their stories speak to each individual in the audience.

Storytelling does keep alive our cultural folklore, our knowledge of the past, even our humanity."

Last year's festival attracted about 1,000 people from around the country, Smith says. She hopes at least as many people attend this year's event. Six regionally and nationally touring storytellers, along with many local ones, will perform at the festival this year.

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