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Fakmåta: Local Artists Aim to Revive, Preserve Culture Through the Arts

Pacific Daily News (Guam) , September 2, 2004


For centuries, the people of Micronesia have passed on their culture and history from generation to generation through storytelling, songs and chants. And in a gathering tomorrow night, local artists hope to perpetuate that important aspect of the Chamorro culture.

Guam's literary arts delegation to the Festival of Pacific Arts in Palau will present part of their repertoire of storytelling, chants, poems, speeches and songs during an informal assembly of artists at the Guam Gallery of Art in the Chamorro Village. The public is invited to this free event.

Fakmåta, which means "to wake up," is a revival of Ta Egga', which had been a weekly gathering of artists celebrating the visual and performing arts.

Rosa Palomo, a member of the literary arts delegation and editor of the literary compilation, said:

"There are some pieces that will take people back in time, and other pieces that will make them think about what is happening to Guam. We hope people will listen and reflect on the crucial issues the island is facing."

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