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Jabberwocky Keeps Stories Flowing: "One Pint at a Time"

Nuvo: Indy's alternative voice (Indianapolis, IN) , Nov. 3, 2010


Nothing loosens the tongue like a frosty mug of ale. As part of the Spirit & Place Festival, Storytelling Arts of Indiana, IndyFringe, and the Indiana Historical Society are co-sponsoring an amateur storytelling session called "One Pint at a Time." Next Tuesday in the history center's Cole Porter Room, a vintage hotel bar, local brewers and drinkers will gather together for beer and beer tales. Whether you drink craft beer or Bud, this night's for you. After five guest tellers share their ale tales, the floor will be open to anyone with a story, or at least those who can pull themselves away from the complimentary beer tasting.

"One Pint at a Time" is part of the monthly Jabberwocky series developed by Storytelling Arts and IndyFringe to remind Indianapolis that everyone has a story to tell and quite possibly one they need to hear.

"The first time I saw a professional storyteller performing for adults," says Storytelling Arts Executive Director Ellen Munds, a former children's librarian, "it was like he saw my face and knew what story I needed to hear." Munds was going through a divorce at the time, almost 25 years ago, and this particular folk tale about a married woman giving up the things of her youth felt like Mund's personal lesson in "letting go." Since then, she has been on a mission to bring storytellers together with Indianapolis listeners.

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