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‘Awesome’ Professor Great Teacher and Storyteller

Northern Life (Sudbury, Ontario, Canada) , March 31, 2005


Linda Ambrose, a popular professor and chair of the history department at Laurentian University, encourages her students to ignore their detractors and reach for their goals. On Wednesday, Ambrose was awarded by students and peers with the 2004-2005 Laurentian University Teaching Excellence Award.

Ambrose spoke during the ceremony about the importance of teaching creatively. She uses storytelling to relate historical events and critical theories. “When a student recently visited the reported that...going to my class was like listening to one story after another. I thought, how should I take that? I decided I’d be pleased,” she said.

“It’s a recognition actually of my rural heritage that has a strong storytelling tradition. See, I believe that a simple and direct presentation of material is always the best idea.

Stories are often what students remember most clearly, and they carry important messages, said Ambrose.

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