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Tales From Beyond the Cities

The New Zealand Herald (Auckland, New Zealand) , September 30, 2004


Long, tall yarns about the sunburned continent are being used in a campaign to combat a feeling of over-familiarity with Australia. The Colenso BBDO campaign is using holiday stories about Uluru's changing colours and an Aussie rules match to remind New Zealanders of the hidden treasures across the ditch.

General manager Jon Ramage said the advertisements, which had no illustrations, were vastly different from traditional "picture postcard" tourism advertising, something he considered to be a brave approach. Ramage said the advertisements were designed to grab the reader in the first sentence and to be difficult to tune out from.

If New Zealanders were captured by this storytelling technique, the agency would have achieved Tourism Australia's goal - to get Kiwis looking at Australia in a new way.

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