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Choctaw StoryTelling Camp

Native Times News, June 17, 2004


Author and storyteller Tim Tingle will be sharing Choctaw stories with the public at the Crowder Choctaw Center in Crowder, Oklahoma June 28-July 1. He and his group will teach the traditional stories of Tingle’s tribe.

Sharing Choctaw stories is essential if they are not to be lost. On the afternoon of June 29, traditional food will be prepared and served. Because people often tell stories when they prepare food, the cooking is scheduled to be videotaped.

Tim Tingle brings the lore of his native Choctaw Nation to life in lively historical, personal, and traditional stories. Tim plays the native flute, and often accompanies himself with an assortment of rattles and drums, adding a haunting dimension to a concert. Vocable chants and hymns sung in the Choctaw language compliment his stories, as well.

Tim has been a featured teller at many festivals and events, including:

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