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Storyteller Makes a Big Impression on Students

Lincoln Journal (Lincolnton, GA) , March 9, 2006


Joada Hiatt, a storyteller from Greer, South Carolina, delighted students, teachers, and parents alike when she visited Lincoln County Elementary School on Thursday, February 23.

While in Lincolnton, Hiatt used stories to entertain and educate - regaling students and faculty members with a variety of stories during two school assemblies and teaching parents, grandparents, and even greatgrandparents the importance of family storytelling at two workshops held at The Lincoln Center.

For Hiatt, the reason for telling family stories is expressed succinctly by August, a character in the novel, "The Secret Life of Bees," by Sue Monk Kidd. According to August, "Stories have to be told or they die, and when they die, we can't remember who we are or why we're here."

During the parent workshops, Hiatt expanded further on the benefits of family storytelling. Basically, storytelling:

  • Helps younger generations get in touch with their roots which in turn, shapes their identity.
  • Helps build understanding between generations and respect for the elderly.
  • Keeps alive the memories of those who have died.
  • Helps pass on family values, morals, and religious beliefs.
  • Gives children insight into mistakes made by others and how they dealt with those mistakes. In other words, storytelling can help children cope with their own set of life's problems.
  • Provides meaningful family time.
  • Helps children develop listening skills.
  • Teaches acceptance and tolerance of others by dealing with the differences in people.
  • Can be used for therapeutic reasons i.e. to foster healing after a loss.
  • Makes history come alive.

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