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Scott Countians Tell Stories Digitally

Lexington Herald-Leader (Lexington, KY) , October 6, 2004


Lynn Errico didn't know her daughter Renee had it in her. Sure, the Georgetown woman knew her daughter was a talented writer. But when she saw the Scott County High School student's digital story, complete with music, text and pictures, she was floored.

"I was like, 'Oh, my gosh,'" Errico said.

Renee's story is part of an ever-expanding digital storytelling program, with storied created by students and community members, that has received national attention. From Judge-Executive George Lusby's tale of fishing on the Elkhorn to the legend of "Big Jim" who, so the tale goes, battled a bear, the community stories can serve as a way for local families to archive their history and share it with newcomers.

Subjects Covered: digital storytelling, education, personal storytelling

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