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CrossSound Festival Explores New Perspectives on Experience and Place

Juneau Empire (Juneau, AK) , March 31, 2005


As a child in Juneau, CrossSound co-founder Jocelyn Clark used to go to the museum on the weekends to hear Walter Williams tell stories.

"He told these stories only in Tlingit, but he was a good enough storyteller that somehow we understood these stories, even though we couldn't speak the language," she said.

Years later, when she began studying the ancient narrative vocal tradition of pansori in Korea, she began to think about the cross-cultural possibilities of storytelling combined with composition. This week's CrossSound 2005 festival, co-organized by Stefan Hakenberg, grew out of the theory that through collaboration, music and story could create a new perspective on experience and place.

Since March 24, three teams of composers and writers have been working in Juneau, Ketchikan and Sitka on 20-to-30 minute multidisciplinary compositions for storytellers and musicians. The result, "RainSongs: Three Antiphonous Tales From Wet Lands," plays at 7:30 p.m. Saturday at Chapel by the Lake.

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