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Grab a Good Yarn in Summerside

The Journal-Pioneer (Summerside, Prince Edward Island, Canada) , September 11, 2004


The Ways of Islanders is a four-night festival with a bountiful crop of those who can spin a good yarn.

Those scheduled to take centre stage include Wayne Wright, Frank Ledwell, his daughter Jane Ledwell, John Cousins, Erskine Smith, Alan Buchanan, Nils Ling and Jenny McQuaid.

Ling, who lives in Brackley, says at first glance a storytelling festival may not seem as exciting as a spectacle on television. But he notes in the case of storytelling, it's not props and lights but the words of the teller that create the spectacle in the minds of listeners.

"It's magical. It's primal. It goes back to when people gathered around the fire and listened to the elders. It's part of us that we don't even know is there until we actually sit down and experience it."

Subjects Covered: education, storytelling festivals

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