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Storytelling Festival has Unique Tales to Share

Honolulu Star-Bulletin (Honolulu, HA) , October 15, 2004


Now entering its 16th year, the Talk Story Festival is a showcase of the best storytellers Hawaii has to offer during three nights of performances as well as a free storytelling workshop on Sunday afternoon.

Because admission to the festival is free, Jeff Gere, founder/director of the festival, is only worried about getting audiences to actually walk into McCoy Pavilion, because once you're there, you're hooked.

"Guaranteed, if you put your head in the door and sit down, you will be moved," said Gere. "You're going to laugh; you're going to really feel things; you're going to be challenged to think about how other people are.

"The neighborhood will get smaller; you'll be in a community of people who you feel comfortable with because you shared a lot in a short period of time; and you're going to walk home and the world will be just a little different."

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