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Storytellers Bring Memories to Life

Honolulu Advertiser (Honolulu, HI) , October 18, 2004


Yesterday afternoon, about two dozen people from elementary school students to retirees tried their hand at becoming better storytellers at the 16th annual Talk Story Festival at Ala Moana Beach Park's McCoy Pavilion. They learned how to gesture, use dialogue, describe the scene and the characters and express their emotions.

There was a Maui firefighter who wanted to tell better stories to his grandchildren, a home-schooling mother who wanted her children to learn more about oral history and storytelling as an art form, and another who wanted to become a better speaker.

"Exercises like this show people how they can do it," storyteller and festival organizer Jeff Gere said. "Storytelling quantifies the values of a culture. I'm on a mission to infect people with a story."

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