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Tellin' Tales about Women

Holmen Courier (Holmen, WI) , March 18, 2005


there will be some serious storytellers at the Onalaska library Saturday for "Threads Through Time," the program celebrating women's history.

A trio of members from the Bluff Country Talespinners, an area storyteller's guild, will take turns telling stories at the Onalaska library from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. Saturday. A quartet of women singer-songwriters also will perform at the event, which also will feature a silent auction of about 60 doll-sized quilts made by area quilters.

Holmen storyteller Lynn Wing pours a lot into spinning a tale, using character voices, dialects and a heavy dose of gestures.

"Our goal is to just promote storytelling in our area," Wing said. "It's an ancient art, and we actually use it in every phase of our life and don't realize it."

One of the stories she has picked out for Saturday, for example, will tell the story of a Southern woman, sharecropping on a rich plantation owner's property, and the woman keeps outsmarting the greedy plantation owner.

Subjects Covered: diversity training, education

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