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A Success Story Worth Telling

The Herald (Glasgow, Scotland) , October 25, 2004


Telling stories is one of our most ancient pastimes, reaching back long before reading. Way before the first scribes were noting the edicts of ancient Egypt's great and good, hunter-gatherers were enlivening their flea-picking sessions round the fire with a tall tale or two.

Even as that era passed, the told story remained a feature of the ceilidh well into modern times. More recently, though, the art of storytelling has diminished as the written word has taken over.

However, there are some signs that the oral arts may be fighting back. The Netherbow Theatre in Edinburgh is soon to re-open as the Scottish Storytelling Centre (SSC). It already has more than 90 traditional storytellers registered as working with communities throughout Scotland. This week the Scottish International Storytelling Festival is also sponsoring a programme of events in Edinburgh theatres, restaurants, libraries, galleries and on the streets.

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