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Three Apples Storytelling Festival Blooms

Harvard Post (Harvard, MA) , October 22, 2004


Twenty years after it began as a mere seed of an idea, the Three Apples Storytelling Festival has blossomed into one of Harvard's most popular and beloved events. For three days, storytellers from all over the country gather in Cronin Auditorium to entertain, frighten, amuse and provoke.

"The goal of the festival has always been to bring storytellers that span ages, cultures, and different types of stories," explained Three Apples Board Member Gail Zarren in an interview. Zarren is passionate about her involvement in the arts and the festival in particular. "I got involved in doing this because I see the arts as a vehicle for peace and connection," she said.

"Storytelling is communal and at the same time it's individual," said Robert Smyth, a past board member for the Three Apples Storytelling Festival and editor and publisher of Yellow Moon Press in Somerville. . "When a storyteller is telling a story everyone in the audience is creating in their mind their individual version of the story with their characters and the scenery as if it's their experience. At the same time everyone is having the same palpable, communal experience. They know they are not alone; they know the experience they have had has been experienced by others." After all, he said, "We're all human. We all deal with the same stuff."

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