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North End Tour Stirs Old Memories

The Hartford Courant (Hartford, CT) , September 12, 2004


Unflappable, Barbara Alleyne guided a group of about 20, white and black, young and old, through Hartford's historic North End on Saturday.

Using a bullhorn, but no script or notes, Alleyne stopped to talk about the history of significant homes, churches and cemeteries. When fire sirens screeched by, or a belching bus lumbered down Main Street, Alleyne paused just long enough for the noise to subside, then resumed her lecture as part of "A Living History: Rediscovering the Treasures of North Hartford."

The tour stops included the Old North Cemetery, Faith Congregational Church and the former homes of some influential black residents, such as Sarah Wimbish, the first African American woman golfer in Hartford, and John E. Rogers, a consultant and lecturer in black history and culture.

Throughout, Alleyne injected pieces of her own history. Her wedding reception was held at the Mather Homestead, at Mahl Avenue and Main Street. And that supermarket? It used to be a barbershop owned by Alleyne's uncle.

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