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The Guardian (London, England), June 8, 2004


Storytelling is evolving naturally as the oral tradition finds its equivalent form in the digital age. Many schools and communities are exploring how they can tell curriculum stories using the words linked to still images with music.

The process of creating a digital story is described. Also described are some benefits of digital storytelling:

"Much work has been done on this format in the US. In Hawaii, a "no child left behind" school development project claims that one way of solving underachievement is to let the pupils tell the story.

Closer to home, the Living Archive project documenting local history in Milton Keynes under the auspices of the Open University has taken the idea even further."

The Living Archive project involes a collaboration between storytellers Phillippa Tipper and Alan Davies, aka A Word in Edgeways, photo journalist Daniel Meadows, documentary arts workers Roger Kitchen and Jane Turner, and Dana Atchley, creator of Next Exit,an interactive theatrical performance.

For more details on the Living Archive project, see, which has many sections including Teachers' Notes, Projects and Toolkit.

Subjects Covered: digital storytelling, education

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