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Listen Here: Story Festival Spins Yarns, With a Kick

Greensboro News Record (Greensboro, NC) , April 24, 2005


During NC Storyfest, more than 20 storytellers delighted audiences -- both the young and the young at heart -- in the downtown cultural arts district.

Their interactive stories were a vibrant mix of theater, music, movement and changing voices chock full of expressions. Those stories were garnered from around the world, from countries including India, Cuba and Ghana.

The festival marks the first of what organizers hope will become a yearly event attracting families downtown, said David Hill, president of the NC Storyfest board.

"It kind of inspires you," said listener Rebekah Fisher, of Danville. "It opens up part of people that helps them to be freer and more expressive. It lets you laugh, act silly, and that's a good thing."

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