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Montana Storytellers Will Spin Their Yarns in Cut Bank

Great Falls Tribune (Great Falls, MT) , April 26, 2005


The 11th Annual Montana Storytelling Roundup is Friday and Saturday, April 29-30, at Cut Bank High School.

"It's for children ages 3 to 100," said program manager Donna Lenoir. "Our goal is to make children realize wherever they are they can bloom and become entertainers and storytellers."

The many ways to tell a story range from poetry to music to artwork. That's why the roundup features eight entertainers, each with their own unique storytelling talents.

The Montana Storytelling Roundup started in 1995 when Jewell Wolk and a group of Cut Bank citizens decided they needed a post-winter event to arouse the residents from hibernation.

With the help of a Kellogg's Corn Flakes grant to help small communities re-discover themselves and build on the talents they already had in place, Cut Bank's annual weekend of tall and short (and musical and colorful) tales was born.

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