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A Couple's Dream

Go Triad (Greensboro, NC) , April 14, 2005


They admit it. Their mezzanine office is a mess. Judi Hill even will look across the office above the business she runs with her husband, David, and sigh, "This is a nasty place."

But their work has paid off. This husband-and-wife team that runs Thousands Oí Prints on South Elm Street has raised nearly $20,000 in three months to pull together their latest dream for downtown Greensboro: a storytelling festival.

At first, people were dubious. Some even said it would take a miracle, especially after Krispy Kreme pulled out when the doughnut makerís profits went south. But Judi slipped into what she calls her closet full of "talk-to-people clothes" (David, her husband of 25 years, was much more casual), and they knocked on a lot of doors. They persuaded three individuals and 15 companies and organizations to help underwrite the free one-day festival that will unfold April 23 in four downtown spots. Storytellers include Cynthia Moore Brown, Wright Clarkson, Chetter Galloway, Cathy Kaemmerlen, Chuck Killian, Bil Lep, Logie Meachum, Sylvia Payne, Kelly Swanson and Donna Washington.

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