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Once Upon a Digital Time

Information Society Technologies Results: Europe's Information Society , August 11, 2004


Funded by the EU, the COINE project aims to develop a piece of software that will allow anybody to tell their own heritage stories digitally, even publish their own exhibitions on the Internet, or simply prepare a story to be shared with others. The project involves five partners from across Europe (Greece, Poland, Spain, Ireland and UK) and is lead by Manchester Metropolitan University.

The hope is with projects from a variety of cultures and social backgrounds across Europe they will have a wide range of examples on which to test the programme. The end product will result in a package that can be used by museums and members of the public alike. It will be suitable for people researching the history of their house, for schools wanting to tell the story of their town, for all those people who find collections of photographs in their attic, yet it could also be used to display a museum or gallery collection.

It is hoped the result will be a simple-to-use system that can digitise images, sounds and text in an Internet environment accessible anywhere in the world and linked to a multitude of sources. The idea of COINE is to empower everybody to tell their own stories and histories, even create their own digital exhibitions and communicate with similar stories across the world. So whether it is a Langdale farmer talking about his 400-year-old farmhouse, Polish children telling the stories of the statues in a Krakow square or an Oral history group wanting to open up access to their archives, anything is hopefully going to be possible.

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