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Telling the Stars: A Quantitative Approach to Assessing the Use of Folk Tales in Science Education

Eastern Tennessee State University (Kingsport, TN) , November, 2005


This research, by Margaret B. Meyers, examines the impact of paired folk tales and science explanations on students in third through sixth grades who viewed program modules from the SkyTellers Project of Lynn Moroney and the Lunar and Planetary Institute of Houston, Texas.

The audience consisted of over 3,500 students in eight locations in the United States.

Because few quantitative studies have been conducted to examine the use of stories in science education, the development of an instrument to assess studentsí attitudes toward science and stories forms a major part of this research.

During the final stage of testing, the revised instrument and methods found significant increase in positive attitude toward science after hearing the folk tales followed by the science explanations.

Subjects Covered: education

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