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Deccan Herald (Bangalore, India) , June 10, 2005


Storytellers from various parts of the world will converge to show a variety of ways to tell stories, at Kathotsava ‘05. The ‘World Storytelling Festival’, which will be held from June 24 to July 10 in Bangalore, will feature such modes as narrative, string puppetry, shadow puppetry, glove puppetry, ballad singing and, of course, the harikathe.

The performances will be held at different venues all over Bangalore. Performances include the Gaishi Puppet Theatre from Japan, a concept that uses bare hands in the form of human figures to tell the story. Ben Haggerty from the United Kingdom - the first ‘City’s Storyteller of London - will tell his tales, as will Khairati Ram, a puppeteer from Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, and “Mama” Nomusa Xaba from the United States. Prakash Garud from Dharwad will show his shadow-puppeteering and Mallavaiah will show the Goravayya narrative.

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