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The Magic of a Story

Daily Record (Morris County, NJ) , July 16, 2004


Tall Tales, funny fables and serious sagas are all on the menu Sunday and delivered fresh to live audiences by 40 professional Garden State storytellers, with an expected side of giggles and wide-eyed anticipation.

Sponsored by the New Jersey Folk Project, a not-for-profit folk music and dance organization, the 12th annual Storytelling Festival is intended to preserve and promote the oral tradition of storytelling and encourage audience participation.

This year's theme, "Storytelling Is the Campfire of Civilization," is intended to disconnect listeners from the Internet and bring them back to word-of-mouth communication.

Storyteller Ellen Musikant said,

"The great thing about this festival is that there's different (story) tellers at different sites with stories for different groups. You can go as an adult and find something for you or you can go with children and find something appropriate for both. I'd like to compare it to a Whitman sampler but it's better."

For more information about storytelling in New Jersey, see The New Jersey Storytelling Network.

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