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Storyteller Wows Tiogue Students

Coventry Courier (Coventry, RI) , February 18, 2005


Brought from Nigeria, she held a white horsetail like the ones carried by traditional African storytellers. Brought from South Africa, she wore bracelets on both arms.

But, from the depths of a vast, blue Atlantic grave, and from the edges of an Ohio riverbank, Valerie Tutson evoked the voices of generations past and brought forth her most valuable possessions: stories.

Tutson told the children not only about the roots of slavery, but about the value of storytelling and the importance of sharing history - regardless of how unpleasant it may be at times.

"These stories really connect to kids at this age," Tutson said after the storytelling session. "They're growing up, beginning to search for their identities. They [understand] injustice and the desire to be free."

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