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Shared Tales: Storytelling Festival Winds Up with Look at Worldwide Themes

Corvallis Gazette Times (Corvallis, OR) , February 6, 2006


The Tcha Tee Man Wi Storytelling Festival, Corvallis' 4th annual storytelling festival, was presented by ArtCentric; Corvallis Montessori School; the library, with the help of an Oregon Library Ready to Read Grant; Wonderkeepers, a local storytelling guild; and Corvallis Parks and Recreation.

Tcha Tee Man Wi, part of the worldwide renaissance of the art of storytelling, means “Place Where Spirit Dwells,” and is the original name of Marys Peak.

Storytelling events took place throughout the week, both in the community and in area schools. This year, 3,500 children from schools in Corvallis, Philomath and Albany welcomed storytellers such as Glover, Patrick Ball and Michael McCarty into their classrooms.

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