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Storytelling Festival Spins Again

Corvallis Gazette Times (Corvallis, OR) , January 29, 2005


Stoke the campfire and gather around; the third annual Tcha Tee Man Wi storytelling festival returns to the mid-valley Thursday, Feb. 3, through Sunday, Feb. 6. The event offers dynamic performances by nationally recognized master storytellers, who will also lead workshops for those who want to hone their own storytelling skills.

Tcha Tee Man Wi (meaning "Where the spirits dwell) is the Calapooian name for Marys Peak. First presented in February 2003, the festival was a longtime dream of mid-valley storyteller Joyce Greiner, founder of the Wonderkeepers: A Storyteller's Guld. Bruce Marbin, Director of the Corvallis Montessori School, also had an interest in storytelling and after approaching the Corvallis Arts Center with an idea for a festival, the Center put him in touch with Greiner. With the involvement of the Corvallis-Benton County Public Library, the festival became a reality.

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