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Festival Shows Everyone Has a Story to Tell

Concord Journal (Concord, MA) , February 24, 2005


Everyone has a story, some piece of life or history that tickles a funny bone or tugs at a heart string. The art is in making the story come live for the audience and letting them see glimpses of their own story through the storyteller's words.

This is what Tom McCabe did last weekend at the Concord Museum's second annual Warm Words Storytelling festival. By letting his memories and words filter through his own mouth and into the listeners' ears, McCabe gave away a piece of himself and gave away many laughs in the meantime.

When asked what makes a good story, McCabe pauses for a moment. "A good story has to touch, a person has to be able to relate with it, to identify with it on some level."

Subjects Covered: personal storytelling, storytelling festivals

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