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Cochrane Times (Cochrane, Alberta, CA) , April 20, 2005


Barry Thorson, founder of Lone Wolf Theatre Company in Cochrane, in conjunction with C.H.A.P.S. (Cochrane Historical Archival Preservation Society) has officially launched the Livestories Programme: Preserve the Living Tradition of Your Family For Your Family.

What holds a family together from generation to generation?

Their Stories.

"But there's nothing interesting about our family."

Not true. Every family has a story to tell. Utterly unique. Endlessly fascinating.

All you need is someone to help you with the process.

Thanks to a generous grant from the Alberta Historical Resources Foundation, the first round of the Livestories Programme is set to begin with the goal of collecting 100 stories from the greater community of Cochrane.

And they need not be long sagas. In fact, each story will clock in at five minutes; a short and sweet (or bittersweet) glimpse into the past century of this town and province.

Subjects Covered: education, personal storytelling

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