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Spin a Yarn in Jonesborough

The City Paper (Nashville, TN) , September 27, 2004


The 32nd annual National Storytelling Festival will be held this year from Oct. 1-3 in Jonesborough, TN.

The International Storytelling Center celebrates the power of storytelling each year in October by showcasing the world's stories, storytellers, and storytelling traditions at the highly acclaimed National Storytelling Festival - the world's premier storytelling event.

Several new tellers will be featured this year, as well as veterans and returning favorites. 86-year-old Kathryn Windham performed first in 1974 and was among the first group of storytellers at the festival. Bil Lepp has appeared the past two years and is returning as his tall tales about his dog Buck have become a festival staple.

Some highlights include youth storytelling, the festival marketplace, and "the swappin' ground," where everyone is invited to try their hand at storytelling. Separate tickets are required Friday and Saturday nights for both ghost stories and Midnight Cabarets, beginning at 8 and 10:30 p.m. Featured tellers for these events include folksinger John McCutcheon and Cuban-American storyteller Carmen Deedy. Several new tellers will be featured, as well as veterans and returning favorites.

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