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Creative Expression Workshops for Immigrant and Refugee Children

Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, February, 2004 v43 i2 p235(4)


Over the past decades, creative expression activities, i.e. storytelling, have been increasingly recognized as a useful way to work with migrant and refugee children, especially those coming from war-torn countries. These activities have been used to help them to construct meaning, to structure identity, and to work through their losses and reestablish social ties. They also aid in promoting children's emotional well-being while simultaneously strengthening the link of the child to the group.

Activities developed and implemented in Montreal's multiethnic schools include: (a) children illustrating and commenting on myths, tales, or legends belonging to nondominant cultures; (b) children drawing and telling the story of a character of their choice who has been through a migration process; and (c) children bringing in myths and tales from their families and communities.

Included are 15 references dating back to 1983.

Subjects Covered: healing, medicine

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