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Even in a High-Tech World, Storytellers Can Still Spin a Good Yarn

Chicago Tribune Online Edition, August 3, 2003

"For centuries people would gather around the fire and sing and dance and tell their stories. With the advent of radio and TV, we seldom gathered around the central fire. Now the central fire is TV. I think people want to reconnect to the central fire. There is authenticity and genuineness."
-- Jimmy Neil Smith, creator of the National Storytelling Festival



Many storytellers at the National Storytelling Network's annual conference were interviewed regarding storytelling as it exists today.

Syd Lieberman, a teacher and storyteller from Chicago said, "What I try to get across is that your life is filled with gold. Sometimes you don't even know how special the commonplace can be."

In addition, uses of storytelling included helping a prosecutor build his case, teaching racial diversity and racial understanding, eulogizing the deceased at funerals and improving relationships between employees in companies.

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