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Promoting Diversity Through Storytelling

Career Journal from THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, July, 2003


Many examples of using storytelling during diversity training are described, including:

  • Storyteller Susan O'Halloran uses her experiences growing up in an all-white Chicago neighborhood during the 1960s in corporate diversity-training sessions.

  • Doug Harris, CEO of The Kaleidoscope Group and an African American, a Chicago-based diversity-consulting firm, shares his personal story while conducting diversity training. When he flies first class with a white colleague, the flight attendant checks only his ticket.

  • Storyteller Loren Niemi was called in by the University of Minnesota's School of Architecture when local architects were having trouble designing homes for the Twin Cities' large community of Somali immigrants. Niemi told them one brief story about Somali family life and their Islamic traditions, and the architects realized that an open kitchen design would not work.

Subjects Covered: business, diversity

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