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The Power Of Design; IDEO Redefined Good Design By Creating Experiences, Not Just Products. Now It's Changing The Way Companies Innovate

Business Week, May 17, 2004


Kaiser Permanente, the largest health maintenance organization in the U.S., was developing a long-range growth plan in 2003 that would attract more patients and cut costs. It hired IDEO, the Palo Alto (Calif.) design firm, for help.

After just seven weeks with IDEO, Kaiser realized its long-range growth plan didn't require building lots of expensive new facilities. What it needed was to overhaul the patient experience.

IDEO's first step in the process of designing a better consumer experience is observation. This step includes storytelling: prompting people to tell personal stories about their consumer experiences.

Other companies which have used IDEO include: Intel, Nestle, Lufthansa, and Samsung.

Subjects Covered: business, medicine

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