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Under the Spell of a Story

The Aspen Times, June 18, 2004


Spellbinders, a national nonprofit storytelling organization based in Aspen, Colorado, is described. In the past year, its 500 storytellers performed for nearly 35,000 children.

"It's amazing how similar each storytelling experience is, especially with younger students. You can literally see the moment their imagination switches on," Spellbingers' founder Al Dietsch says.

Reasons for the program's success are discussed:

"Many intellectuals argue that the impulse to tell stories is the most defining element of our species. To these thinkers, it is the narrative thread that binds humanity together. Societies define themselves through myths, folklore and legends, just as individuals assume identities through self-defining narratives. In the end, the short semi-humorous comedies we live, our long certain tragedies, make up most of who we are."

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