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Storytelling Crucible: Students Grab Power of Words by the Tale

The Arizona Republic, July 8, 2004


The Storytelling Institute at South Mountain Community College has the only community college based storytelling program in the US. Classes at the Storytelling Institute can help students in many careers where communication is important, including education, law enforcement and the ministry.

In addition to helping improve their communication skills, learning how to be an effective storyteller can help students in many other ways. For example, the classes often help eliminate the common and sometimes overwhelming fear many people have about speaking in public. And as a result of learning how to tell stories effectively, many of the students have become more active in other areas.

Some faculty members comment on storytelling and its power:

Liz Warren: "We are trained by our culture to be receivers of stories, but we all have the capacity to tell stories."

Ricardo Provencio: "It gives each person a ticket to get into their own culture."

Lorraine Calbow: "Personal stories can bring things home."

Subjects Covered: education, personal storytelling

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