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Cowboy to Spin a Few Tall Tales for CultureFest

Arizona Republic (Phoenix, AZ) , November 12, 2004


As a notorious teller of tall tales of cowboy and critter folklore, everything from why a wrangler wears a hat to how to second-guess a steer, Jim Garry has been accused of a stretch or two.

"But all my stories are true," he said. "They just haven't all happened yet."

When the Wyoming cowboy holds court today through Sunday during Smithsonian Magazine's CultureFest 2004, a celebration of Phoenix and Scottsdale museums, parks and galleries, it's doubtful he'll lose any of his audiences, even if he rambles with the facts.

The Smithsonian CultureFest is bringing scholars from the Smithsonian Institute to celebrate the cultural heritage of Arizona during this week's festival. There are more than 53 events planned in 34 venues.

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